Below are actual evaluations and testimonials of operations for Orion Utilities' services, written by managers from Dayton Power and Light and Miami Valley Lighting that were directly involved with our company:

Evaluation of Operations:

Orion Utilities, L.L.C.
Evaluation of Operations

In late 2006, we began to investigate the feasibility of bringing on board a second contractor to perform Service and Collection field work for our Company. We had some very strict and detailed needs based on the skills required to perform the work, budgetary constraints and regulatory guidelines as well. We evaluated several potential vendors and decided to award the contract to Orion for the following reasons.

  1. Skill level of the management of Orion both in the administration of their business as well as their technical proficiency as it relates to the actual field work that Orion would be performing for DP&L.
  2. The competitive cost structure that Orion presented.
  3. Our personal trust and confidence in Evan Hagberg and his ability to deliver what he committed to deliver. Throughout our evaluation process we made several requests for information, policies etc, and each and every time Evan and his staff responded to our requests professionally and always followed through with a sense of urgency and usually provided even more than we asked for.

In the early months of 2007 we began to logistically bring Orion on board, and to say the least, the transition was smooth and seamless to our employees and more importantly to our customers. We began with Orion taking on a small, concentrated geographical area in order to bring them along slowly in an attempt to develop their field expertise and comfort level. Once again, as a product of Orion’s hard work and preparation, this probationary period was short-lived. Within no time, Evan was asking for additional responsibilities and even developed additional skills within his organization to take on more difficult work which even our existing contractor couldn’t provide even after a couple of years. Evan and his staff showed the ability to continue to grow, both technically and professionally and handled even the most sensitive and difficult customer service issues admirably. Evan did experience some employee issues early on with his staff but was able to work through those and rebound from some tough situations.

We have both since moved on to other departments within our company, but we routinely hear good things from our successors regarding the performance of Orion. As we now look back and compare Orion Utilities L.L.C. to the various other contractors that we routinely deal with we can comfortably make the following statements.

  1. Orion does a good job of hiring employees through their process of screening, interviewing, training and testing of prospective employees.
  2. Orion does a good job of developing employees and challenging them to strive for their potential. An example of this is Evan’s acceptance of “house bracket” work which is the most difficult job that these employees do. Evan made arrangements with our Service Supervisor to understand the work practice, train the work and implement a follow up work evaluation procedure. Orion’s performance of this work allowed our Collections department to enjoy their most successful summer collection season in recent memory.
  3. Our personal favorite is the fact that when Evan and his staff committed to something, they delivered. This was a luxury that we were struggling with in our relationship with our other contractor. For example, when Evan committed to the house bracket work, he had trained employees and equipment within a matter of weeks. As previously mentioned, his competitor had been here for years and couldn’t pull that off.
  4. Orion also performed their work professionally and appeared to have been in the business for years. For instance, their billing process was professional and concise, their personal appearance was better than even our company employees at times, and the quality of their work was good.  Evan was very effective of stepping back and looking at the business and finding ways to improve, even if that meant less work for him. He also agreed to take on work that his competitor couldn’t satisfactorily complete and he did a great job with it (successfully completing non-pay disconnects on inside meters by finding creative ways to gain access to inside meters). Orion employees were also very open to new technology (D.A.D. System) and showed a high level of technical proficiency.

 In conclusion, the best way for us to summarize our experience with Orion and Evan is to say we would strongly recommend them to other companies searching for this type of service. If you should have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mark L. Vest
Dayton Power & Light Company
Operations Manager, Line Clearance Program

David Hinman
Miami Valley Lighting
Group Manager


Recommendation For Services:

“I've worked directly with Evan and Orion Utilities, LLC since 2008; however, they have played an important role with our organization for some time longer. Evan provides an extremely valuable service for our company. The work is demanding, detail oriented and requires a high level of patience and professionalism while often dealing with stressful and confrontational situations. Evan has put together a capable team and leads them well. The most commendable aspect of dealing with Evan's organization is their flexibility and quick response to the changing needs of our company.” January 9, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

David Harris
Dayton Power and Light
Service Operations Manager / Line Clearance